“Jewellery of power: crowns and tiaras”


Interview with the curator of the exhibition hosted at Museo del Gioiello
until March 31st, 2019

#MeetTheCurator: Alessandra Possamai.
“The exhibition was created to make the visitor reflect on the role and value of precious and valuable objects such as crowns and tiaras, yesterday and today. An idea of the Director of the Museo del Gioiello, Alba Cappellieri, who wanted to investigate the role of these objects in contemporary times: a journey through various worlds, through different protagonists and artists “. An exhibition that tells the value of these precious artifacts: “Once tiaras and crowns were a symbol of power and economic well-being, but today it is as if the contemporary woman, wearing them for fun or pride, could crown herself as a queen, without breaking out of fashion laws of etiquette, but confirming her independence between beauty, affirmation and play”.

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The temporary exhibition at Museum
Between crowns and tiaras of yesterday and today, to discover fashions and women

On display precious artifacts, symbol of a political, social, economic and emotional power, and at the same time a sign of the excellence of the goldsmith’s art, that weave together different times and contexts. Crowns and tiaras have in fact marked the history of humanity and established the hierarchical division that has distinguished society, from the Paleolithic to modern democracies.

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